Research Innovation Symposium

Thematic Areas

The following are some of the thematic areas expected during the papers and posters presentations
  • Agents of Change: Children, Adolescents and Young adults.
  • Tools to enable and facilitate Innovations.
  • The Startup Movement as an avenue to solving pressing local and global challenges.
  • Harnessing Maturing Digital Technologies (e.g Mobile financial services, cloud) for pressing challenges.
  • Exploiting Emerging Digital Technologies (e.g 3D, Wearables, sensors, drones, etc) for pressing challenges.
  • Government : Enabler and Adopter of Innovations.
  • Innovations for Sustainable Development Goals at Sub National Level.
  • Developing 21st Century mindset (Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Future of learning etc.)

Event Includes:

  • Inspiring keynote addresses
  • Exciting paper and poster presentations
  • An interactive Research Cafe

Event Schedule

Tuesday, 7th March (8AM to 5 PM)