Akinyi Odongo

Founder, Managing Director - Akinyi Odongo Kenya™

Akinyi Odongo

Founder, Managing Director - Akinyi Odongo Kenya™


Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ is an authentic African fashion brand, cutting across the local, regional and international apparel industry.

Inspired by the Kenyan fashion industry and tenaciously knocking on the international market arena; Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ has tilted the establishment with African inspired designs that exude timeless sophistication, class and an ever present diversity that has carved its niche in the local and international fashion space.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ creates high end couture pieces with perfect cuts and refined details and fabrics that are of high quality yet sustainable for everyday use, incorporating a touch of the rich African culture that creates the distinction. Our pieces are created with the uttermost care, by combining skill and expertise to achieve the most impeccable pieces that are centered and geared toward ethical and sustainable fashion.

Akinyi Odongo Kenya™ primarily has its market base in Kenya as its headquarters is located in Nairobi, at Sifa Towers on Cotton Avenue.

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